Latin podcasting update

OK, so after getting some advice from people at UK more experienced with audio recording, we’ve upgraded the equipment we use for our Latin podcasting to

  • Behringer Eurorack UB 1202
  • shielded cable for mixer to audio-in on the computer
  • 2 Shure M58 mics
  • shielded XLR cables
  • desk stands for the mics

Vives’s Schola and Domus are new recordings made with the equipment listed above. Line noise pretty well eliminated, but now we’re picking up too much of the the ambient hum from the HVAC system on the other side of the room… Will need to eliminate that noise next.

We’ve also switched to rolling our own podcast RSS feed, and minimizing it to the absolutely required tags.

The directions again: Start iTunes, then pull down Advanced, and select Subscribe to Podcast. Then paste in the feed.

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3 Responses to Latin podcasting update

  1. filologanoga says:

    Looks like you will need a studio next… Well, jokes aside, I think actually the quality of the recording — especially noiselessness — is not so important; the first podcasts I listened to were perfectly acceptable… I would even think about *using* some background noise, to make the recording a bit more real. But it seems to me that even greater a challenge — to every one of us reading Latin aloud — is to perform it *convincingly*, to make people talk to each other, not just read the lines. Some of the first recordings were, well, less convincing. Anyway, I have yet to listen to the newest bunch. Thank you for your work. Neven

  2. I can’t get the RSS feed to work. (I’m trying to add it as a feed on my google “personalized home” page: it adds, but then where the items should appear it just says “Information is temporarily unavailable”.) Has anyone else got the feed working? I want to listen to the podcasts, and keep an eye on new additions.

  3. Ross Scaife says:


    The feed continues to work well in iTunes, but from your report it sounds as if I need to modify it in some way so that it also works on the google personalized home page. Sorry for the trouble. I’ll look into it.

    There haven’t been any additions since Dec. 5, but we will add some more over the next day or two.


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