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The Forum Ancient Coins have set up a new Wiki for the collaborative authoring and editing of numismatic articles online. I’m not familiar with this site, which seems to include catalogues of coins for sale, so I’m not sure how scholarly it is?

From the home page…

What is NumisWiki?

It is a collection of numismatics and history references and articles that you can read, edit, correct or update right now. The online format includes edit features that allows all FORVM members to add new documents or to modify the existing ones. Any member can edit any page including this page you are reading right now. All you have to do is click the “Edit” button from above and start typing. If you mess things up too much, don’t worry, you can revert to the older version anytime using “History”.

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  1. Peter Pil says:


    Although FORVM is a online store, the forum is frequented by a range of collectors from different backgrounds, including some experts in ancient coinage. You should have a look! I haven’t look too much into Numiswiki however but it promises to be a handy tool.



    (Greek & Roman Coins)

  2. Thanx for the tip, I will look into it! I am always looking for good info for my new site,

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