Allowable values for “language” in RSS feeds…

… do not include Latin, apparently.

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2 Responses to Allowable values for “language” in RSS feeds…

  1. Tom Elliott says:

    But see:
    Search in page for “language code”

    In fact, a careful reading of the RSS V2.0 specification and the documents it references indicates that an RSS V2.0 application should be prepared to deal with all of the language values that are defined in RFC3066. These language codes include the two character codes of ISO 639-1, the three character codes of ISO 639-2, the set of languages that have been registered with IANA (including “i-klingon”), and “private use” language codes that start with “x-“.
    End Quote.

  2. Ross Scaife says:

    Thanks Tom. I was thinking about this issue because the iTMS disallowed my attempted registration of the RSS feed for the colloquia as long as I specified Latin as the language. So I guess I need to take this up with Apple…

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