The Scout Report on ETANA (Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives):

A number of interesting digital projects have recently been sponsored by the National Science Foundation, and the Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives (ETANA) is one such project. With the support and primary documents of a number of important institutions, such as the Society of Biblical Literature and Case Western Reserve University, the mission of ETANA is to “develop and maintain a comprehensive Internet site for the student of the ancient Near East.” While the project is still in development, the site’s creators have added numerous helpful resources so far to the archive, including the ETANA Core Texts. In this section, visitors can view digitized texts related to scholarship on the ancient Near East, such as James Breasted’s monumental work, “Ancient Records of Egypt”, along with 171 other key documents. Visitors will also want to take a look at ABZU, which is another database collection that contains items relevant to the study of the ancient Near East that are available online. [KMG]

Technical details here.

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