Eton Greek Software

The Eton Greek Software Project offers now an online language tool for anyone who is learning classical Greek. On offer is a variety of programs which allow the user to test their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary (some require a Java-enabled browser or use Flash). This covers material from the course text ‘Reading Greek’ (one of the most popular Greek courses in higher education) as well as from AS level and GCSE syllabi. Tests can be customised to suit the user’s requirements, according to level of difficulty, English to Greek or vice versa, length of time allowed, or types of words required. There is also an accidence tester designed for practising verb conjugation. A copy of the Eton Greek word list (with translations) for AS level is available to download too; this contains key vocabulary which all Greek learners should know. The testers themselves, however, cannot be accessed via the Project’s homepage – the user must first access Eton College’s homepage and then enter the site via ‘Eton in Action’/’Greek Project’.

(Thanks to the Humbul Humanities Hub)

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