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As part of my PhD in Digital Humanities I’m working on a literature review of  publications related to the theme “Classics and Computers”.

I’m looking specifically at general surveys, studies and discussions about the history of the relationship between classics and computers, a disciplinary field that has recently emerged as Digital Classics.

However, as Tom Elliott pointed me out Alison Babeu (Perseus project) has recently published on CiteULike a much broader bibliography as “as part of an IMLS-funded planning project that’s looking a digital infrastructure needs for Classics (Perseus and CLIR are the co-recipients of the grant)”.

For the time being, in order to allow anyone with any interest in this to contribute I created a group on Zotero called digitalclassics. The group is open (i.e. my authorisation is not needed to join) so please join it and start contributing your entries to the list. I’m thinking in particular of publications that I have unintentionally neglected and/or publications in other languages that I was not aware of.

Currently, the entries in the Zotero Library are divided into two main categories: general studies and applications, where the latter is meant to host publications concerning specific applications Digital Classics-related. More subcategories may be added as long as we go further or members of the list can even add new ones by themselves.As soon as the bibliography will reach a reasonably stable shape I will update the page I have already created on the DigitalClassicist wiki.

I want to thank in advance the DigitalClassicist community for the support they have shown me on the list and for the entries they have started already contributing.

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4 Responses to Digital Classics Bibliography

  1. Stephen Hodkinson says:

    Please ignore this if it is of no interest to you, but many years ago I published an article, “Modelling the Spartan Crisis: Computer Simulation of the Impact of Inheritance Systems upon the Distribution of Landed Property”, Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, vol. 74.3, 1992, 25-38 (with Technical Appendix by S. Davnall). The entire issue of BJRL was devoted to computing and the humamities.

    The results of the simulation were incorporated in a couple of my academic publications:
    “Inheritance, Marriage and Demography: Perspectives on the Success and Decline of Classical Sparta”, in A. Powell (ed.), Classical Sparta: techniques behind her success, Routledge/Oklahoma U.P. 1989, 79-121
    Property and Wealth in Classical Sparta, Duckworth and The Classical Press of Wales, London 2000, pp. 400-405

  2. regisrob says:

    I’m a bit confused about two things.
    First, i joined the Zotero group “digitalclassics” and i don’t understand how to contribute to the bibliography (i have some entries to share, mainly in french). Maybe i have a “slow brain”, as we say in french… How can we select items to be shared with one zotero group ?
    Secondly, i didn’t manage to create an account on the Digital Classicist Wiki. It seems we can only log in, and there is no page to sign up (with URL like this : “index.php?title=Special:Connexion&type=signup”). Is there a required authorization prior to the subscription ?
    Thank you for your help !

  3. mromanello says:

    If you joined the group I bet you have the Zotero Firefox add-on installed. If so, you should be able to see the entries from the groups you subscribed to within your Zotero library (in the browser, I mean not in the web GUI).
    In particular, chase the __group libraries section__ where you should find a collection called digitalclassics. Then, you can drag the items you want from yours to the group’s library.

    As far as the account on the DigitalClassicist wiki you may want to contact one of the wiki’s administrators, see for their names and contact details.

    Hope this helps

  4. regisrob says:

    Thank you very much ! Now i will be able to share a few items for your bibliography.
    Ok for the registration to the DigitalClassicist wiki.

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