Digital Medievalist

I found the article by Peter Robinson in the inaugural issue of The Digital Medievalist (a new peer-reviewed on-line journal for technology and medieval studies) particularly useful: “Our goal must be to ensure that any scholar able to make an edition in one medium should be able to make an edition in the other. Further, that an edition in either medium should be equally assured of appropriate distribution: just as once a library has bought a print edition it can be used by any member of the library for years to come, so too should it be for electronic editions.”

Guyda ARMSTRONG and Vika ZAFRIN, Towards the electronic Esposizioni: the challenges of the online commentary

Arianna CIULA, Digital palaeography: using the digital representation of medieval script to support palaeographic analysis

Hoyt N. DUGGAN with a contribution by Eugene W. LYMAN, A Progress Report on The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive

Jonathan GREEN, Opening the Illustrated Incunable Short Title Catalog on CD-ROM: an end-user’s approach to an essential database

Kevin KIERNAN, The source of the Napier fragment of Alfred’s Boethius

Peter ROBINSON, Current issues in making digital editions of medieval texts or, do electronic scholarly editions have a future?

Kathryn WYMER, Why Universal Accessibility Should Matter to the Digital Medievalist

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