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Code of Conduct for Internet Censorship

Seen in last week’s New Scientist: Internet companies are poised to launch a code of conduct governing their operations in China. Web firms have faced sustained criticism for their activities in China, which include censoring websites. So Yahoo, Google, Microsoft … Continue reading

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Identifiers and authority records

Lately, Sean Gillies and I have been thinking hard about persistent identifiers and simple URLs for the names, locations and places in our conceptual model for Pleiades. It’s just one thread going into the communal attempts of computing classicists to … Continue reading

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New Journal: Open Access Research

A new journal entitled Open Access Research (OAR) is now accepting submissions and plans its first issue (thereafter, thrice a year) in August 2007. It’s described as “a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that will enable greater interaction and facilitate a deeper … Continue reading

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Open Course Ware

Seen in Slashdot, a comment by Kent Simon: “Many people may not know that MIT has initiated OpenCourseWare, an initiative to share all of their educational resources with the public. This generous act is intended (in classical MIT style) to … Continue reading

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Googlian hegemony?

Stuart Weibel blogged Mike Keller’s OCLC presentation entitled “Mass Digitization in Google Book Search: Effects on Scholarship.” Weibel says: For those unsettled by the rapidity of Googlian hegemony in library spaces, Mike constructs a vivid and compelling argument for embracing … Continue reading

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Creative Commons helps authors terminate copyright transfers

Nathan Willis, by way of NewsForge, writes: Still seething over that bad book publishing deal you entered into in 1981? Good news … Creative Commons (CC) … is beta testing a Web-based tool … that helps authors through the tricky … Continue reading

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A Companion to Digital Humanities online

Seen in Humanist: I’m pleased to announce that the complete text of A Companion to Digital Humanities, ed. Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, John Unsworth (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004) is now freely available online, at —please forward this announcement to other … Continue reading

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Second Life to open code

I’ve posted here several times about the educational fun to be had with ancient and other reconstructions in Second Life (see e.g. 3D Egyptian Archaeology in Second Life). Now more good news from Linden Labs, which may make SL an … Continue reading

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Thesaurus linguae Latinae CD-Version workshop

Something of interest for all Latinists in or near London: The Centre for Computing in the Humanities and the Digital Classicist would like to invite all those interested to a workshop on the CD-Version of the Thesaurus linguae Latinae. Dr … Continue reading

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Integration Proclamation

Many authors and readers of content on this blog are deeply concerned about issues of ineroperability, data integration (and similar terms) as applied to humanities computing. Greg Crane’s recent response to the draft statement of the joint APA/AIA task force … Continue reading

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Pleiades: Beyond the Barrington Atlas

I’ve just posted to the Pleiades wiki the prepared text portion of the presentation I gave last Saturday during a session of the annual meeting of the American Philological Association. It introduces the project with a Google Earth use … Continue reading

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