NEH announces deadlines for Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants

From Brett Bobley at NEH (via

The next two deadlines will be:

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So mark your calendars!

I should note that we are currently in the process of updating the guidelines for this program based on feedback we’ve received from the field. The guidelines on our website right now are from last year — I hope to have the new, revised version up by mid-July. As you know, this program is designed to encourage innovations in the digital humanities. In fact “innovation” is really a key theme we’ll be stressing in our new guidelines. We want bold thinking, people! We will also be tweaking the award amounts to try to accommodate both *smaller* projects (think brainstorming/R & D sessions, planning workshops, alpha-level prototypes) as well as *larger* projects (think more developed projects that need seed money to get rolling).

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