Why Blogs should use Creative Commons

An interesting discussion on the iCommons blog. Excerpt:

If your intention, as a blogger, is to have your content and your thoughts distributed as widely as possible, then reserving all your rights to your content is counterproductive. A more effective way of distributing your content and still retaining some control over how your content is distributed is using Creative Commons licenses.

This does, as the author argues, remove the need to walk the fine “Fair Use” line when another blogger wants to reproduce, quote from, and engage with your text. It’s an argument worth reading. I suppose that if your blog consists in large part of quotations from other sources there is less of an obvious advantage in this, as your quotations are obviously exempt from the (cc) licence. I should speak to my co-editors both here and over at CE about doing this.

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  1. D.Pranger says:

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    Duncanus was a roman catholic priest in Wormer, Holland, who published many books against the protestant movement.
    His book Preatextata was the fruid of his latin scool, which he lmanaged for ten years.

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