A Directory of Academic Blogs, Wiki Style

from the CHE:
How many academic blogs are there? Too many for any one person to keep track of. The popular academic blog Crooked Timber has long maintained a lengthy list of academic blogs. The list had been maintained in part by Henry Farrell, an assistant professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, but the task was starting to seem overwhelming. “I’d come to the conclusion that one person just couldn’t keep track of this anymore,” he said in an interview this week. So why not open up the list and let anyone add to it? That’s just what the gang at Crooked Timber decided to do, using the same wiki software behind Wikipedia. The result is academicblogs.org, which went online in September. Mr. Farrell said he doesn’t know how many blogs are now listed in the ever-growing collection because he hasn’t had time to count. We started to attempt a count ourselves, but we only made it through the first category: humanities. There are about 470 of those. The list is in no way a seal of approval, Mr. Farrell said, adding that he personally disagrees with many of the views expressed in blogs on the list. “The only policing is to make sure that anybody who’s there is an academic,” he said. There are other directories of academic blogs, such as BlogScholar. Do others out there know of other guides to the academic blogosphere worth checking out?–Jeffrey R. Young
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