new aggregator: Web Watch

The ever-resourceful Tom Elliott of the AWMC has put together his own new aggregator of various blogs that focus on Classsics and Classical Archaeology, called Web Watch. Explains Tom:

(1) It only sucks a feed when I tell it to, so even if you update, it won’t catch it until the next time I tell it to go check on you.

(2) Once it’s inhaled a feed and indexed the articles, it rates each article based on the occurrence of pre-defined keywords (mine). All new results are placed in a queue, sorted by rating, in order for me to review. I make a conscious decision about the relevance of each such article to our audience and set a “gloss-or-not-to-gloss” flag. Once I’m done reviewing, I punch a button and it spews out an XML file (containing a TEI div), which waits around for the next time I spin the website, at which time it gets picked up and incorporated.

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