Open Context: Sharing Archaeological Data Digitally

from About Archaeology:

A new tool in the open source arsenal announced its beta launch last week. Called Open Context, the project involves scientists from Cambridge University (UK), Harvard University, the Smithsonian Institution, U.C. Berkeley, and the University of Chicago, and is supported by grants from the William and Flora Hewett Foundation, “inkind” services from Deloitte and Touche and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and help from individual donors.

Open Context is a project out of the Alexandria Archive Institute (AAI), a nonprofit institute named after the famous Ptolemaic Library of Alexandria in Egypt. The AAI is intent on building a place to share data on world history and archaeology. Developed by Eric Kansa, Sarah Whicher Kansa and Jeanne Loipiparo, the AAI’s demonstration system, Open Context, combines “reports, observations, maps, plans, analyses, digital files and images of excavations and surveys” generated by archaeological research, and makes them available to students and researchers around the globe.

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