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The full programme of the Summer Sunoikisis Digital Classics semester is at the SunoikisisDC GitHub Wiki, including session pages and YouTube links. Reading lists, exercises, and summaries of all sessions will be added in the next weeks. The calendar is as follows (sessions are on Thursdays at 17:15–18:45 CEST time):

  1. Thu, April 15, 2021: Introduction (Monica Berti, Gabriel Bodard, and Valeria Vitale) [YouTube]
  2. Thu, April 22, 2021: Teaching Epigraphy in a Pandemic (Alice Bencivenni, Gabriel Bodard, and Irene Vagionakis) [YouTube]
  3. Thu, April 29, 2021: Digital Epigraphic Corpora. The Example of the Inscriptions from Israel and Palestine (Michael Satlow and Elli Mylonas) [YouTube]
  4. Thu, May 6, 2021: Linguistic Annotations of Greek and Latin Inscriptions (Francesca Dell’Oro) [YouTube]
  5. Thu, May 13, 2021: NO SESSION
  6. Thu, May 20, 2021: Learning and Reading ancient Greek with Pedalion (Toon van Haal and Alek Keersmaekers) [YouTube]
  7. Thu, May 27, 2021: Reading and Learning ancient Greek with Diorisis and the Scaife Viewer (James Tauber and Alessandro Vatri) [YouTube]
  8. Thu, June 3, 2021: Trismegistos People (Yanne Broux) [YouTube]
  9. Thu, June 10, 2021: Named Entity Recognition and Prosopography (Monica Berti and Gabriel Bodard) [YouTube]
  10. Thu, June 17, 2021: Annotating Geographical Data with Recogito (Elton Barker, Monica Berti, and Valeria Vitale) [YouTube]
  11. Thu, June 24, 2021: Data Citation for Historical Texts and the Cited Loci Project (Matteo Romanello) [YouTube]
  12. Thu, July 1, 2021: The Digital Latin Library (Samuel J. Huskey) [YouTube]
  13. Thu, July 8, 2021: eAQUA (Corina Willkommen and Jens Wittig) [YouTube]
  14. Thu, July 15, 2021: Beyond Classics: The Book of the Dead in 3D (Rita Lucarelli and Franziska Naether) [YouTube]
  15. Thu, July 22, 2021: Beyond Classics: The Turin Papyrus Online Platform (TPOP) (Susanne Töpfer and Franziska Naether) [YouTube]

This is the third semester of the 2020/2021 programme, whose description is available in a previous Stoa article posted on October 5, 2020. The Summer semester follows the German academic calendar, being based at the University of Leipzig. This is the reason why we have 14 sessions of 90 minutes each from April through July 2021.

The programme of this semester covers topics in the fields of Digital Epigraphy, Computational Linguistics, Named Entity Recognition, Geographical Annotations, Data Citation, Digital Libraries and Corpora. We also have two sessions about Digital Egyptology that are part of our efforts to extend the program beyond ancient Greek and Latin.

All sessions are freely available online, and everyone, student or not, is welcome to watch, leave comments in the live chat if you are with us live, and attempt the exercises. Contents of the SunoikisisDC Programme remain available on GitHub and YouTube indefinitely, and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. If you are interested in using any of the SunoikisisDC materials in your own teaching and would like to discuss any aspect of the programme, please do get in touch with any of us.

Monica Berti and Gabriel Bodard

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