Text-based Extraction, Analysis, and Annotation of Ancient Greek References to Authors and Works

Monica Berti has been recently awarded a Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) grant for a project on Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Annotation of ancient Greek.

The goal of the project is to extract, analyse, annotate and comment the language of ancient Greek references to authors and works. This project will produce a structured knowledge resource with ancient Greek word forms, corresponding lemmata, contextual annotations, coreferences and relations. The project will provide a full database of lemmatized and annotated Named Entities pertaining to words and expressions of bibliographic citations in ancient sources (author names, work titles, work descriptions and editions).

Digital Athenaeus

Entities will be semi-automatically extracted and annotated in the text of the Deipnosophists of Athenaeus of Naucratis as part of the Digital Athenaeus project. Preliminary annotations will be also performed on the Lexicon of the ten orators of Valerius Harpocration and on the Suda (Α-Γ entries). NLP methods and computational linguistics tools like INCEpTION and ANNIS will be used to produce and visualise annotations.

The final goal is to produce a text-based catalog of ancient Greek literature with a structured knowledge base that can be reused to annotate and analyse other texts. Annotations will be the result of a deep analysis of the original language and the project will produce a commentary of ancient practices of source references.

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