Teuchos conference

The preliminary programme for the conference “Digital philology — problems and perspectives” (Hamburg, 20-22 January 2006) is now available at http://www.rrz.uni-hamburg.de/RV/other/projects/conference.html.

The organisers of the Teuchos Centre have also created an automated mailing list to distribute future information regarding the “Teuchos” centre only to those who wish to have them. To continue to receive announcements etc., please send an email with the line (please insert your email address and name): subscribe teuchos-announce your_address@your_domain (Your full name) in the body to majordomo@lists.uni-hamburg.d e.

You will receive a confirmation after a few hours. All mails going through the list will have “[teuchos]” prepended to their subject line to facilitate automatic processing. Teuchos will send announcements outside of the mailing list only very sporadically in the future.

(Posted for Daniel Decker and Dieter Harlfinger.)

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