Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Google vs. the World

From his piece “Books of Revelation” in The Wall Street Journal, October 18, 2005, reproduced at googleblog:

…Imagine the cultural impact of putting tens of millions of previously inaccessible volumes into one vast index, every word of which is searchable by anyone, rich and poor, urban and rural, First World and Third, en toute langue — and all, of course, entirely for free. How many users will find, and then buy, books they never could have discovered any other way? How many out-of-print and backlist titles will find new and renewed sales life? How many future authors will make a living through their words solely because the Internet has made it so much easier for a scattered audience to find them? This egalitarianism of information dispersal is precisely what the Web is best at; precisely what leads to powerful new business models for the creative community; precisely what copyright law is ultimately intended to support; and, together with our partners, precisely what we hope, and expect, to accomplish with Google Print.

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  1. Alek says:

    Yes. Fear Google Print. It’s definitely the next shove the internet needs. And with hardware getting cheaper and more accessible to poorer countries, maybe the world really will become an entirely new place.

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