Post-doc on Late Antique juristic texts, Pavia

Posted for Luigi Pellecchi:

The research Project Redhis, “Rediscovering the hidden structure. A new appreciation of Juristic texts and Patterns of Thought in Late Antiquity,” has an open position for a post-doctoral researcher.
The appointment would be for two years in the first instance; this term may be extended for an additional two-year period (up to a total period of four years).Redhis  is an interdisciplinary research project which is hosted by the Università di Pavia (Italy) and funded by an ERC-advanced grant (Principal Investigator prof. Dario Mantovani; Senior Staff prof. Luigi Pellecchi). The project focuses on the elements which display the persistence of an high-level legal culture in Late Antiquity, as also shown by the copying and use of classical jurists’ writings. A comprehensive understanding of legal culture includes therefore the study of the legal texts’ manuscript transmission and of their contents.

From this viewpoint, the appointed candidate will contribute to the project conducting “A study of the textual tradition of Roman legal writings in Late Antiquity”.In pursuing his/her research, the appointed applicant will be supervised by the Principal Investigator. He/she will collaborate with other staff and post-doctoral researchers in an interdisciplinary working group. Place of work: University of Pavia, Pavia (Italy).

Preference will be given to applicants who hold a PhD awarded by a University abroad, with a research thesis in one of the following scientific areas: Roman Law, Papyrology, Latin Language and Literature, Classical Philology, Ancient History. The research thesis has to show the applicant’s competence to apply a philological approach to the study of Roman legal texts, in Latin and Greek, in order to contribute to the attainment of the research Project Redhis objectives. Experience in writing and translating into English is also welcomed.

Deadline: Applications must be sent by February 22, 2015 (at 12 a.m).

How to Apply: See the full call for application: (scroll to the bottom of the page)

To learn more about the Redhis Project, visit our website at

You may freely pass on the information to your Post-doc students and other interested parties.
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